“Age is my Liberator”


What about you?

What would it look like to change your narrative? In our sessions I hold an open space for you. Together, we go deeper into your heart, deeper into your passions, and deeper into your intellect. Although the environment I create is nurturing, and unique to you, our sessions will be thought provoking and challenging. This takes commitment and persistence. You’ll receive all the encouragement needed to make those changes and live your best life. My spirit as a middle aged woman doesn’t go away, it gets brighter, clearer and louder. Let’s say yes to life!


Work with Madalyn

Coaching is perfect for women ready to release self doubt, build confidence, realign with your core values, find a purpose path, and become the best version of YOU.


– Feel more connected
– Self discovery
– Grow and 


– Align with your values
– Emotional awareness
– Be more confident


– Find more purpose
– Value based living
– Show up in your life


“Madalyn has been such a wonderful coach throughout the several months that we have worked together. She has helped me to discover a new confidence in myself and I feel so empowered and motivated by our sessions. The media today often is so overwhelming with ‘quick fixes’ and ‘perfect programs’ that make all sorts of promises without ever knowing anything about me. Madalyn’s authentic, down to earth personality has been the perfect alternative. Coaching has been so refreshing, because with Madalyn, I feel like I am really being heard. Never any fake gimmicks or so called ‘miracle’ programs. Her listening and caring presence always makes me feel accepted and comfortable bringing up any topic.  She always helps me to uncover just the thing inside me, that I need to propel myself forward towards my goals. I have gained much greater self awareness and new insights through our sessions. If I’m doing well, she is there to help me celebrate my success, and if I am not doing so great, I know I have a listening ear I can count on to help me find a new path forward. Before I started coaching, I never realized what I was missing, and now I would never go back. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found Madalyn as my coach and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a truly empowering and transformative coaching experience!”

Susan Haffner

“Madalyn is an incredible coach! She’s curious, insightful and empathetic in her approach to coaching. She has been an immense help and inspiration to me, on my journey. I have no reservations recommending Madalyn, she will be a fantastic coach and a partner on your path to excellence.”


Winston McGill

“I would highly recommend working with Madalyn. She provides a safe space where I feel comfortable opening up and sharing what I am going through. Her thoughtful and insightful questions allowed me to dig deeper to explore what was going on and I was able to recognize where I needed to shift my emotions, thoughts, and perspectives in order to move forward in finding my purpose in each aspect of my life. Madalyn is an amazing coach.”

Michaela Calhoun