Professional Certified Coach




I had my dream job teaching at a major medical center for nine years. Things were great. I moved to a better apartment, Henry was thriving, and life was wonderful. However, all of that was lost a week before Christmas when the department was given notice that I would no longer have a job. I immediately went into panic mode.  As a single mom, I felt alone and scared. I was freaking out. BUT, I had to hold it together for my son. His well being was my purpose. The next morning, my survival instinct kicked in. Yet another traumatic experience in my life leading me to align with my purpose. I always wanted to be a birth doula but couldn’t be while working at Cedars Sinai. This was my chance. I got my certification, put up a beautiful website, and started to attend births as well as teach childbirth classes on my own. This was a turning point for me. I had to let everything go and trust that what I was doing would help me land on my feet. And guess what? It did!  Away from the corporate environment, I felt less stress, became more emotionally available to my son, and after a bit, I was making more money than I ever had. I was so much happier! I traversed this rocky transition and am doing unbelievably better in all aspects of life. From a certain perspective, I owe this newfound peace to my past trauma. 


So, here I am, living another purpose, a Life Coach. This time, however, it is coming from my heart not from my trauma!


My Journey

I never realized that the majority of my life purposes stemmed from trauma. When my parents got divorced, I was devastated. My mother, bad mouthing my father, my father taking it out on my brother and I. He never asked to see us and put us in a position where if we wanted to see him, we would have to reach out. My brother turned to drugs and became a gang member. I think he was seeking a family connection that he didn’t have at home. I turned to dance. Even at a young age, I knew I needed structure. Dance saved me. I loved the beauty and discipline of it. I thrived and it became my purpose. Without this divorce, this passion would never have been realized.

Later in my life, I became a mother to a wonderful son, Henry. Just as this beautiful relationship began, I knew another one would have to end. My husband was a functional alcoholic. I knew I needed to leave him and that I wouldn’t get any financial help. For the second time in my life, trauma would lead me to yet another life purpose. This separation was the catalyst for me going back to school and becoming a childbirth educator. It took three years but I finally did it. I left my husband and I have to admit, I was so scared but by the grace of God and my tenacity, I landed an incredible position as an educator at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. To this day I am still a childbirth educator, living one of my life’s purposes. Helping couples embrace the miracle of birth by teaching them skills they can use before, during, and after labor. I am so blessed!



Health & Wellness

Madalyn was always devoted to the body and fitness and her focus quickly shifted from performing to realizing a new purpose. In 1995, she attended UCLA, specializing in pre/postnatal fitness which then transitioned into a successful 25-year career as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and motivator. Madalyn’s commitment to fitness is a though line in her life and, at age 61 she continues to break boundaries as an Olympic Weightlifter and a Master Athlete.